Hello, demigod! This is a tumblr dedicated to Percy Jackson & The Olympians and Heroes Of Olympus. My name is Isa and I would love to spend time talking to you whenever you need. This isn't a spoiler free blog, but I tag all my posts, so don't worry. I'm in the PJO fandom since september 14th, 2011.

Attention: I am currently renovating this blog. Please, excuse me for all the mess.

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To storm or fire, the world must fall.


Nico “I’ve owned the same pair of jeans since I was literally 12 years old and now they’re more like awkward capris but they still fit fine, ok, no Hazel I’m not buying new pants I don’t NEED NEW PANTS” di Angelo




I wonder if anyone noticed this with all of the commotion going on with Blood of Olympus.


We’ve covered most of the major players. You probably know enough now to avoid getting zapped into a pile of ash if you ever come across any of the twelve Olympians. 


Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods

Lightning Thief: Percy Jackson + a summary


I wanna say that at an airport… Wonder what theyd say..


My cosplay on Annabeth Chase from Rick Riordan’s books Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus…;)



- hazel is only thirteen
- frank sleeps as a bulldog
- thalia has a fear of heights
- hazel has gold eyes
- jason has a furrow in his hair from a bullet
- hazel and frank are three years apart
- nico can speak fluent italian
- piper’s dad thinks she’s at another boarding school
- percy has the spqr tattoo
- nico doesnt have a cabin on the argo 2
- annabeth is older then percy
- grover and juniper are still dating
- coach hedge is gonna be a dad
- frank is older then jason


  • ☝ - How tall are you?
  • ✔ - Sexual Orientation
  • ♨ - Do you Smoke?
  • ☟ - Do you Drink?
  • ♒ - Do you Take Drugs?
  • ✖ - Age you get mistaken for
  • ☆ - Have Tattoos?
  • ★ - Want any tattoos?
  • ☯ - Got any Piercings?
  • ✌ - Want any piercings?
  • ♧ - Best friend?
  • ♥ - Do you like anyone?
  • ♔ - Top 5 favorite bands?
  • ♬ - Top 5 favorite songs?
  • ☹ - Biggest pet peeve?
  • ✍ - Story from your childhood.
  • ☄ - I wish…
  • ® - Favorite foods?
  • ☀ - Story about your day.
  • ♕ - Top 5 celebrity crushes?
  • ♔ - Top 5 favorite movies?
  • ☮ - Top 5 favorite TV shows?
  • ✏ - Random fact about yourself.


I tested some animation tricks on an old illustration so I decided to post it there.
Is the gif going to be uploaded on the 1st attempt ? who knows?

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